Hear what our clients have to say about us!

“It has always been a pleasure talking to you over the phone. However I would like to convey a short story of how I got your number. One of my very close friend Naren was celebrating his daughter’s birthday and he wanted Biryani. My boss Mr. Bhati, His partner Sanjay and I were sitting on his office terrace and it struck Mr Bhati that he knows someone. That’s when he picked up his phone and dialed your number . What tickled Sanjay and me was when Mr Bhati said, ”Hello Mr. Biryani ?” . We instantly cracked up thinking to ourselves how could one save a number as Biryani. On the day of the birthday party  I knew the Biryani was nearby.  I was swept of my feet with the mesmerizing aroma  which had got everyone’s taste buds tingling. Being the Manager of a hotel I could not stop myself from taking advantage of my position. So I threw my weight around and sampled it. I was glad I sampled it first because that was all that I got. There was not one guest who did not relish the mouthwatering Biryani. In the end Naren called me and said, “let’s eat Biryani I heard its awesome”. Our appetite was built and we got ourselves a plate. Instantly we went into depression because all that we saw was a clean chafing dish and a big empty vessel. We looked at each other and said next time we eat before the guests even arrive. That’s when I decided I would order the same Biryani for my Aunt’s birthday . I picked up the Biryani and was travelling in an air-conditioned taxi. I literally had to turn off the air-conditioner and roll down the windows. The Aroma of the Biryani had done it’s magic yet again and this time it was me and the cab driver. The entire journey from Cox Town to  Kumaraswamy layout, all I heard was,  the cab driver saying, “Wow saaarrr suppparrr Biryani saaar, What a nice smell sirrr” HA HA HA  I could not stop laughing as the poor guys didn’t’ even get to sample it . Later my aunt said , “Oh you should have called him up to eat”. I was like, ‘ I ain’t sharing my Biryani”. So I finally got myself 2 helpings of the most amazing Biryani that I have been craving for in the past 8 years. I was very impressed and proud that the so called Biryani number stored in my Bosses phone was truly mouth watering and that too in a southern state of Karnataka. The Mutton was well cooked and if you are a Aloo freak like me always ask for Aloos. It goes very well. The Masala was just right and all I can say is that the final product ‘BIRYANI’  was cooked to PERFECTION. Cudos and a big thank you  to Saad (Mr. Biryani) and his family for making our events a memorable one.” – Joel John (Manager-Operations, Jayamahal Palace Hotel)

“The other day we wanted to order food for 25 people for lunch for a birthday party. We got in touch with Avenues and they helped us choose the best dish for our budget and for the invitees (mostly kids). Something worthwhile noting: as the event got confirmed quite late we contacted them only a couple of days before D-day and they made it happen with very little notice. Not only the food was really good (I already knew it would be from previous orders with them) but Avenues were also very accommodating with the delivery (which was made on time) and flexible with the timing to clean and bring back the pots. All in all, 100% satisfied – even maybe a little more.” – Patrick Fava

“Many thanks for the beautiful food and wonderful service for our house warming party on 28 June 2013.Every person I spoke to at our party commented on how delicious the food was and how neatly it was displayed. Your food and service really made the event special and you were wonderful to work with. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort! I will definitely recommend your catering services to others and I look forward to working with you again. Thanks again. Will call you soon for the yummy samosas!” – Renuka

“The best biryani I have had in many years.” – General Manager(The Chancery Pavilion)

“It’s over 15 years since we have an association with Anisa’s Kitchen and the quality of food and service is better each time . It’s an amazing experience. This is one place where you get much more than expected / promised and there is a continuous improvement in their service. The best part is that they take the feedback in a very positive manner and improve on it. We enjoy the flavour all the time and wish them all the success.” – Vippen Sareen

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